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Behind the Scenes

Behind the Scene videos pull back the curtain on the wizard. They capture the intricate details of how things are brought to life. They reveal the hidden world and magic of the creation process of a product, artwork, movie, craft, culinary art, or business. Other times, behind the scene videos share the how-to of how things are made, step by step. We combine our unique blend of personal documentary storytelling with close-up macro cinematography to produce one-of-a-kind behind the scene videos.   View a sample of our Behind the Scene & How-To videos.  



Gone are the days of TV commercials monopolizing the advertising market. Now commercials can be seen on multiple web platforms, social media, and on mobile devices. Not only do we create commercials, we also create marketing videos, advertisements and promotional spots. We understand and speak marketing fluently. It’s not a second language to us, it’s a first language. Our commercials and marketing videos have premiered in Times Square, the SF Giants’ Stadium, TV, YouTube, company websites, and many other places online. View a sample of our commercials.     



Documentary films are storytelling at its best. Truly powerful documentaries can take a mundane topic and turn it into something intriguing, leaving an indelible print upon your mind. Our experience with documentaries have taken us to exotic locations and humble homes – a Mayan town in Guatemala, a family owned car dealership in Michigan, a vacation destination in Mexico, a residential treatment center, an interracial family environment. Wherever we travel to document a story, we’re always willing to go the extra mile to make a project perfect. View samples of our Documentaries.


Kickstarter Videos

Crowdfunding is as common place as social media but not everyone knows how to succeed at it. One of the most important factors in having a successful Kickstarter or Indiegogo campaign is the video. We have produced videos for over 5 Kickstarter projects, so we know what makes an effective video. Our Kickstarter services don’t stop there. We take product photos. Behind the Scenes documentaries for a reward tier. Kickstarter page creation. Plus Kickstarter campaign management, all with a proven track record. See samples of our Kickstarter Videos & Package Options


Media Trailers

When most people think of trailers or previews, they think of movie trailers. To us trailers or previews aren’t limited to movies. There’s book trailers. Video game trailers. Mobile App trailers. Any type of media that can benefit from a sneak peek or preview can have a trailer. Over the past 9 years, we’ve produced countless trailers for movies, games, books, apps, DVD training series, and for many other types of media. Our services for trailers include scripted videos with actors, motion graphics and animation, slideshows, and more. See samples of our Trailers & Package Options.   



Promos are often confused with ads or trailers, but in fact they are distinctly different. Promo videos can be as concise as 30 seconds or as in-depth as 5 minutes. The true purpose of promos is to focus on a specific product, deal, or marketing effort. Promos may not have the wide-scoped view of ad campaigns but they target a niche market with a focused message. We’ve created promo videos for seminars, fitness programs, educational DVD’s, a company culture, and for many other events or products.  Contact us today for your promo video. View one of our recent Promos.   


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