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Men’s Psychology – Chicago

February 14th, 2014

Last weekend Mazer Media made our fifth trip to Chicago to film the last of Dr. Paul Dobransky’s relationship seminars. The trip lasted a total of 5 days, 3 full days of filming 2 different seminars. The first two days we filmed the Mature Masculine Power seminar, which focuses on developing true masculinity in your relationships and dating life. The third day we filmed Complete Feminine Empowerment, which is the companion piece to the MMP seminar, but for women. Now we have to edit both of these seminars and complete them in the upcoming months. For more information regarding these seminars, please go to

Chicago is a culturally rich metropolitan city with much to see and experience. The windy city may not be my favorite city, but I’m glad I experienced it in greater detail. Though after five visits, I can honestly say the next time my wife’s coming with me. I say that because traveling and especially eating alone in a big city is only half fulfilling now, so expect future trips to Chicago to include excursions with my wife and not just recounting the seminar weekend.  Some of those excursions could include a trip to a Cubs game at Wrigley Field, an art house movie, live theater, and of course for the wife – shopping. For those of you who don’t even know what Chicago looks like, here’s a few photos I snapped with my cell phone camera while walking downtown.

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