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BYUtv – Fresh Take Show

February 14th, 2014

A couple months ago I had my first interview with BYUtv for their new show “The Generations Project” and even though I presented myself in a confident and competent light, I didn’t get the job. One positive side to the experience was that they would hold onto my resume and call me about any future projects. Lo and behold they held true to their word and called me a few weeks later about a different show – “Fresh Take”, which used to be called “Living Essentials.” ( Again I had an interview and again it went well. This time there was a different outcome – I was hired on for the project. Granted, they hired me on for a trial period to see how they like me, with the potential of a full time offer, but that was exciting none the less.

So I recently completed my first leg of the trial period. I was assigned a project about parents helping or volunteering at public schools and being involved in their child’s education. The general format of “Fresh Take”  is that of a talk show, but there are also short documentaries shot out of the studio and played in studio on a TV. Those short documentaries are the ones I am assigned to edit. For this particular episode I edited one documentary about an organization called Watch D.O.G.S. that was founded by a dad touched by the Jonesboro, Arkansas shootings. He started Watch D.O.G.S. to encourage dad’s to be more involved in their child’s school and education and especially be more of a protective presence at their school. The other short documentary is about a lady named Debbie who lives in Florida and has single handedly done more for her community and local schools than most well known non profit organizations. That short doc is about her volunteer work experience and what kind of impact she has made on her community and the positive impact her experiences have had on her in return.

At this point I’m not entirely sure when that episode will air on BYUtv, but as soon as I find out, I will post the information and post my work on the starting line or home page of my website. Next Monday I start on the second and final leg of my trial period and begin editing a new set of “packages” as they say at BYUtv or in everyday langauge – a few new short documentaries connected to an all new episode of “Fresh Take.” So stay tuned for more information regarding this exciting project at BYUtv.

Please click on the link for more information, though it hasn’t been updated from Living Essentials to Fresh Take yet. I will post the air dates as and when I have them, but expect sometime early 2011.

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