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Balancing the Cosmos – Humanity Explored Online Film Festival

February 14th, 2014

For the first time ever Balancing the Cosmos is available to view in its entirety online. The film was accepted by the Humanity Explored Online Film Festival sponsored by Culture Unplugged. I’ve never been part of an online film festival, but I’m quite excited this time around, because the festival actually screens feature length documentary films like Balancing the Cosmos. The festival also specializes in cultural documentaries which is the exact genre Balancing the Cosmos fits into.

So far we’ve had positive feedback and results from Humanity Explored. We have over 1,500 views and a 5 out of 5 rating. The founders of the festival also have given us generous praise for the film and it currently is in competition. The other unique aspect to this festival is its networking capabilities. Unlike traditional festivals where distributors attend and buy films, and networking only exists at the festival location, Humanity Explored allows for networking world wide via the internet. People who enjoyed watching Balancing the Cosmos can contact me or Andrew Weeks (the director) for collaborations on new projects. Also, viewers can support the film by making an anonymous donation. There are awards for competing films, but now any film can receive support via charitable donations. It’s a truly unique concept for film festivals and one I would like to see more of.

If you are interested in viewing Balancing the Cosmos, to comment on it, to give it a rating, or contribution, please find the film at or click on the following link. Thanks for the support!

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