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Balancing the Cosmos – Archaeology Channel

February 14th, 2014

As many of you know in 2010 I edited and produced a feature length documentary about the modern day Maya in Guatemala entitled, Balancing the Cosmos. Recently the film was chosen to be part of the Archaeology Channel’s TAC Marketplace Film Catalog. This means the Balancing the Cosmos DVD is available for sale from the Archaeology Channel’s online catalog. It’s a great new partnership for us, since many Maya enthusiasts may come in contact with the film via the catalog.

Also in May 2011, Balancing the Cosmos will be screening at the Eugene Oregon Public Library as part of the 2011 Archaeology Channel International Film & Video Festival. Though the film was not selected as part of the competition, it will be playing on the Video Bar the library. It’s very exciting news! For those of you who live in Oregon, please check it out on May 24-28, 2011. I might attend the festival and if possible be available for a Q&A.

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