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Men’s Psychology – How To Be a Cool Man or Woman

February 14th, 2014

In January 2011, Dr. Paul of Men’s Psychology asked me to produce weekly video tips for his website – So I pulled out all of Dr. Paul’s live seminar footage and sorted through it with one goal in mind – to find clips that had useful tips for dating and relationships. The first video I put together was taken from MindOS – The Visual Self-Help System. It was called, “How To Be a Cool Man or Woman.”

I created an all new intro/title sequence for each of the video tips and might be creating others in the future. Also the video tips feature a new track of music each week. I am excited for the possibilities of these new videos. Dr. Paul was even recently interviewed on and gave them a few tips to pass on. You can view the video tips I produced on the MensPsychology website listed above or on YouTube. Check back for the upcoming video tips.

[Videographer/Video Editor/Motion Graphic Artist]

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