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DealerTrack – NASDAQ Times Square Video

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In 2011, DealerTrack celebrated their 10th year publicly trading on NASDAQ and as part of that celebration they had the ringing the bell ceremony which occurs at the end of a trading day. DealerTrack asked me to produce a video that could be displayed on the giant NASDAQ screen in Times Square. Without hesitation, I accepted the project. A video I created playing on a huge screen in Times Square – who would pass that up. But the project was not without challenges. My first challenge – the screen had a vertical orientation, which is not native to video, so I had to create a custom project to match the screen. My second challenge – the screen had randomly placed windows since it was a wall not just a screen. Luckily the NASDAQ video team had an overlay grid that gave me the precise location of each window.With those challenges in mind, DealerTrack and I began brainstorming.

We came up with the concept you now see in the video. Of course the video showcases cars. DealerTrack is in the automotive industry so that was an obvious choice. I created the entire video in After Effects with tons of stills of cars, text, and the DT logo. Each car you see in the video was individually tweaked and programmed to move at a certain speed and stop/start at certain key moments. Also, the cars were perfectly aligned so they drove between windows without hitting them. The DealerTrack logo drops in time with the cars’ movement, which I had to fine tune to make it work. There were plenty of details I had to pay special attention to, but in the end the final product was well worth the time and effort.[Motion Graphics Artist, Sofware: Adobe After Effects]

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