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DealerTrack DMS – Overview

July 24th, 2012

Sometime in 2011, the Salt Lake City DealerTrack DMS marketing team approached me about directing a series of DMS videos that were branded and stylized to match their current marketing campaign. We were inspired by Apple’s famous simplistic and polished interviews on infinite white and Xbox Kinect’s fun and graphical game videos. The marketing team wrote the scripts, I designed the template and style that would later be used for all the videos. I also created an opening animation, other animations and a credentialing effect that we used on all the videos.

This first video (the overview) was the longest and most demanding, but I feel it came together rather nicely. Besides, if I never stretch myself to meet the new challenges, how will I ever become a better filmmaker?

[media id=56 width=562 height=340]

A complete overview of the DealerTrack DMS solution with new branding and an Apple inspired look. (Videographer/Video Editor/Motion Graphic Artist)

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