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ContractPal – Debt Relief

July 24th, 2012

The next step in the evolution of ContractPal videos is a unique animated style to screenshots and websites that I created. This Debt Relief video was the first time I implemented camera movements along the screenshots and images in 3D space. Most of the video contains screenshots, so I had to find a way to make them more interesting. After all, who wants to watch someone click through a software application unless they specifically search for a tutorial? I came up with this stylized treatment of screenshots from inspiration I received while watching Ooyala and AtTask videos. The screenshots just popped more and somehow lifted off the page. The continual movement kept the viewer’s attention and the maintained the video’s momentum. All in all, this is one of ContractPal’s favorite video I’ve produced for them.

[media id=57 width=562 height=340]

An example of how ContractPal turned paper documents into a streamline debt relief application. [Director/Videographer/Video Editor/Motion Graphic Artist]

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