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BYUtv Show – Fresh Take: The Jets

July 24th, 2012

In 2011, BYUtv hired me to edit a few TV episodes for their new show, “Fresh Take.” I worked at BYU Broadcasting in Provo, Utah with Fresh Take producer Judy Simmons and edited on Final Cut Pro. My main assignment was to edit all B-roll footage, street interviews, and archived material that supplemented the studio talk show. It was a valuable learning experience that I am grateful I had the opportunity to pursue. BYUtv has completely transformed and modernized the quality, style, and themes of their TV shows to keep up with today’s standards. I was very impressed with the production value of each Fresh Take episode and glad to present my work here.

This particular episode is about the 80′s Polynesian pop band called The Jets. I edited the archive concert scene of The Jets as a band. I’ve always enjoyed editing to music and rhythm so this was a fun project for me that I hope to have more of. The video below is only the scenes I edited. To watch the full episode of “The Jets”, click here

[media id=51 width=562 height=340]

BYUtv Show – Fresh Take: The Jets. [Editor - Flashback Archived Sequence]


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